External Factors Influencing Healthcare

External Factors Influencing Healthcare


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Include references from (Chandler, J. & Brown, L. (2018) or (2019). Conditioning for Strength and Human Performance (3rd ed.). supporting each question.

  1. You are working with a high school football player. What type of periodization model would likely be the most effective for this athlete?
  2. When working with a track athlete, how might the preparatory and competitive phases differ? What determines the length of the competitive phase?
  3. When working with a distance runner, how might the general preparatory and specific preparatory phases differ?
  4. You are working with a shot putter in the general phase of training. How might you apply the block model of periodization?
  5. You are talking with a fellow coach who wants to know how the classic model of periodization differs from the block model. How might you explain it?
  6. After looking at the literature, how might you compare developmental, concentrated loading, and general blocks?
  7. How do a competitive and realization block differ? What are the general characteristics of each?
  8. Discuss the importance of gaining wisdom and knowledge and how that would apply to a strength coach.