Can you write a discussion post for me ?

Can you write a discussion post for me ?




You must include references to support your discussion (written within the past 5 years) at the end of your initial post. Please review the rubric. An initial post with in-text and end of text references in APA format.

1) According to “Ethical Dilemmas in Global Clinical Electives”, what ethical dilemmas must schools, host countries, and volunteers recognize and consider before accepting an assignment in another country?

2) A humanitarian US organization has made arrangements with a impoverished Caribbean country to bring you and your team of allied healthcare professionals for a “free clinic” for 5 days. The organization gathers sample drugs and unused medical supplies for use at the clinic. As a nurse on this team, what would be some ethical considerations that should be addressed regarding care of the people of this country? How could you address them with the organization to make this project a success?