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writing homework help





This paper will be the start that will progress into a research paper.  So I need someone who can continue in the process through the next few papers resulting in the final research paper. I gave the assignment and after it a little intro on the research paper.  The Book we are reading is Night by Elsie Wiesel.  I am biding the 100-200 paragraph on this one and will bid each section accordingly.

This assignment is to complete some initial pre­writing for this unit project. Include the following in a short paragraph (100-­200 words):

  • In addition to the holocaust, which genocide will you be discussing in your research paper?
  • What topic within those two genocides will you focus on?
  • Why did you choose these? What did you find compelling?


As you know, you will be writing a research paper. This paper will be informative in purpose, and you will use a comparison/contrast structure.

You will compare the holocaust to another, more recent, tragedy. It is an unfortunate truth that the genocide of the Nazis against the Jewish people in Europe was not the last such event to occur in history. For your paper, you will research another case.

The first step of every research paper is to determine your subject. I have done some of the work here for you. Half of your paper will be about the holocaust. The other half of your paper will be up to you.

Click on the links to view brief descriptions of each of the following and choose one:

  • Parsley Massacre in the Dominican Republic, 1937. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-19880967
  • Cambodian Genocide, 1975­-1978. http://worldwithoutgenocide.org/genocides-and-conflicts/cambodian-genocide
  • Rwandan Genocide, 1994. http://worldwithoutgenocide.org/genocides-and-conflicts/rwandan-genocide
  • “Red Terror,” Ethiopia, 1977. http://ertdrc.com/index/cms/32
  • Darfur, Present. http://worldwithoutgenocide.org/genocides-and-conflicts/darfur-genocide

As a teacher, I highly recommend that, if you do not find one situation more compelling than another, you focus on Darfur. This conflict continues to claim lives to this day, and your research may be more dynamic and influential than a historical example.


After deciding on the two genocides that you will be writing about. The next step is to narrow down your topic. You obviously cannot write about two whole genocides in one short paper.

Narrow your subject (genocide) down into a topic and then a thesis.