Medicare and prospective payment systems Discussion Questions

Medicare and prospective payment systems Discussion Questions




Answer each question in current APA Format, atleast 600 words per prompt and use atleast 2 scholarly sources and 1 biblical reference.

Prompt 1– Explain the history of Medicare and the prospective payment systems that are in use today. In your answer be sure to provide examples of the payments systems currently in use today.

Prompt 2– Differentiate between the prospective payment systems for outpatient, home health, physician and non-physician practitioners, and ambulatory surgical settings. In your response ensure that you compare and contrast payment systems for each of the categories listed.

Prompt 3– Describe the importance of revenue cycle management in the acute care environment and the impact it can have on the healthcare organization. In your description be sure to identify the consequences of improper revenue cycle management as it pertains to the healthcare organization as a whole.

Prompt 4– Identify the impact of Pay-for-Performance on the healthcare organization and discuss the impact of Value Based Purchasing on the organization.

Prompt 5– Explain the history and purpose of the Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) demonstration project, as well as the process of the RAC as it pertains to its impact on healthcare organizations.