Identify Universal Health

Identify Universal Health




Complete a research essay on the government and healthcare. Remember this is being written for the president to read.

The U.S healthcare system has been a controversial topic for decades. Here are the aspects and questions to address for this essay:

1. Identify a current issue being debated about the American healthcare system. (an article written within 4 weeks)

2. Explain two competing solutions to this problem

3.Evaluate which is preferable

4.Address the responsibilities of each level of government, which are federal, state, and local. (Most of the essay will be about the federal government).

5. Address the responsibilities of each of the three branches of government.


500 word minimum. Inclusion of facts from a recent news article about the topic/solution. 4 quality references & scholarly literature. Also include terms from required readings. Chicago/Turabian style.

I was thinking about doing the debate about universal healthcare. But I’m not sure what would be my competing solution to that. I was thinking maybe Medicare for all vs. Trumpcare. I just wasn’t really sure how to break down Trumpcare. Or find an article about which universal healthcare would benefit the United States.