Sustainable Development Goals Discussion

Sustainable Development Goals Discussion





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Discuss the difference between a roadmap and menu in reference to the SDGs and why a roadmap analogy makes more sense

The Sustainable Development Goals have been implemented to target specific environmental, social, and economic challenges worldwide. A more integrated approach is needed when global health and development is required. The difference between a menu and roadmap references is that organizations cannot pick and choose what actions can be taken for specific goals to sustain global development but through roadmaps of strategic planning and partnerships will be the way to drive development to address SDGs and confronting problems (Saldinger, 2018). In addition, roadmaps provide a course of action for planning that integrates science, technology, and innovation that will increase progress and nationwide planning that addresses SDGs (Colglazier, 2018).


Two different goals between Goals 4 and 17 that are connected to health.


Clean water and sanitation and affordable and clean energy are connected to health as both are essential to human needs and economic development. It estimated that 1.8 billion individuals around the world have means to water but the majority of the water sources are contaminated with 2.4 billion of individuals lacking sanitation services such as toilets, latrines, and additional toiletries that are required to support human health (“CLEAN WATER AND SANITATION: WHY IT MATTERS,” 2018). Without clean water and sanitation, individuals are at high risk of hygiene-related disease which can result in death. Moreover, affordable clean energy increase energy productions for sustainable economic recovery, keep vulnerable consumers connected and arrange energy solution that keeps health facilities and health care workers active (SDG, 2018).


Additionally, identify two key targets for reaching Goal 3 and why you think these are critical.


Reduced inequality and Sustainable cities and communities are two key targets that can ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all. Reducing inequalities and keeping sustainable cities entails ensuring no one is left out and that social protection is available to everyone globally. To increase the well-being looking forward key targets of this goal are to promote social, economic inclusion for all racial statuses, guarantee and adopt equal opportunities on laws practices, and policies, and increasing global surveillance and financial markets while being an advocate for developing countries (SDG, 2018). Furthermore, supporting positive economic, social, and environmental networks can help in strengthening cities and communities.

Two actions you could take to help make progress toward reaching the SDGs as a global society.

The SDGs are very beneficial in public health and world-changing. . Furthermore, after reading “The Lazy Person’s Guide to Saving the World”, two actions I would take is to turn off lights and any other electric equipment to conserve energy, and to stay informed with local news and engage with Global Goals via online or through social networks. Taken on the smallest task to support and promote saving the world can have a major impact in the future.