Physicians as Practice Administrators Assignment

Physicians as Practice Administrators Assignment





Watch the video “Approaching Your Employer to Talk About Your Capstone.”

Write a 500- to 700-word summary report detailing how you believe the MHA program, and what you expect to gain from it, benefits your current position and future growth within your organization.

Identify the structural, behavioral, and intersectional (relationship) attributes of your current or most recent employer’s organization.

Create a detailed systems thinking diagram that maps the stock, inflows, outflows, and feedback loops of your organization. Label your stock, inflows, outflows and feedback loops (balancing and reinforcing).

Use MSWord, PowerPoint, Excel to create your diagram. Do not use PDF format. Hand drawn diagrams are not acceptable.

Examples of systems thinking diagrams are in your textbook, UoP library and the internet.

Explain your diagram within your summary.