Patient Demographics

Patient Demographics




As a data steward, you have been asked to create a Microsoft Access database to store patient demographics. Once you have created the database, you must write policies to govern how the data should be collected, stored, and shared. Use search tools to help you write your policies.

Part-1: Create Your Access Database

Be sure to include the following demographic elements in your database:

  • Patient First Name
  • Patient Last Name
  • Patient Middle Initial
  • Street Address
  • State
  • Zip Code
  • Phone number
  • Social Security Number
  • Birthdate
  • Gender
  • Emergency Contact Name
  • Emergency Contact Number
  • Primary Physician

Once you have created the database with the patient demographic elements, provide fictitious information for 3 patients for each element.

Part-2: Create Your Policy and Procedure Document

In a Microsoft Word document, create a Policy and Procedure document to govern the collection, storage, and sharing of data. For your convenience, a blank policy and procedure template is attached below.

Be sure proper APA formatting is followed and that your assignment is free of spelling and grammar errors.

Healthcare Data Management and Statistics: Module 05 Written Assignment – Patient Demographics Policy and Procedure Template TITLE: DEPT: HIM SERVICES POLICY AND PROCEDURE WRITING SUBMITTED BY: DATE: APPROVED BY: DATE: Effective Date: Purpose To provide a guide to writing and maintaining effective and uniform policies and procedures for an HIM Services Department. Policy To write effective and uniform procedures that will support the objectives of the services provided by the HIM Services Department. Procedure The following are specific tips for writing and maintaining effective procedures: 1. Begin each sentence with an action verb. 2. Number each step in the procedure paying careful attention to the sequence. 3. Keep all steps brief and concise. 4. Reference all related documents and/or policies necessary to complete tasks. 5. Write policy in a way that new team members will be able to be cross-trained with minimal assistance. 6. Ask a team member with experience with the task to perform it using the procedure ensure completeness. 7. Review all policies and procedures annually.
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