Heart Failure Leading Cause of Readmission in Hospitals

Heart Failure Leading Cause of Readmission in Hospitals




This is part 2 of your evidence-based practice project.

In this assignment, you will refer back to the topic you selected for your evidence-based practice problem from the identified list of topics provided by your course faculty in week 1 and the three articles selected from your week 2 assignment.

For this assignment, you will interpret the three articles selected from your week 2 assignment. First, you must complete a matrix table for your three articles (see template provided below).  Once you complete this matrix table, you will write a paper, including the following information:

An introduction to the topic from week 2 and created PICOT question (although this information may be similar to what you provided in your week 2 assignment, be sure to paraphrase and not copy/paste directly from that assignment).

For each of the three articles selected, describe the following:

Concepts explored in the article/study (This is the “what” of the study.)

Methods used in the article/study (Describe this in detail; it’s “how” of the study.)

  • Participants in the article/study (This is the “who” of the study.)
  • Instruments/tools in the student (This is the resources used to collect the data; i.e.; survey, interview, etc. Be sure to include a discussion of reliability and validity, as well.)


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