Health Care Information Management

Health Care Information Management




Use the link at the beginning of this week to access LinkedIn Learning.


Write a 175- to 265-word response to the following question:

  • How will you use the information you learned in the LinkedIn Learning course as a health care manager? Provide an example.
  • Read “Why Perform a SWOT Analysis” from the Houston Chronicle.
  • Read the “How to Conduct SWOT Analysis in Healthcare Organizations” page on the Pestle Analysis website.
  • Read “10 Technologies to Keep Hospitals Competitive” from Becker’s Health IT & CIO Review.
  • Review the “example goal” document which identifies and explains a goal from the Stevens District Hospital.
  • This example helps support this week’s Benchmark Assignment: Goals for Stevens District Hospital, Part 1.
  • Review the “SWOT Analysis PowerPoint®” presentation that supports this week’s Benchmark Assignment: SWOT Analysis.
  • This Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation includes audio. The audio transcript can be found in the notes section on each slide.
  • Read “How Plans Can Leverage Big Data” from the University Library.
  • Read “Strategic Planning Checkup” from the University Library.

I dont think you need these to answer the dq but I added them any way