Career Calling Reflection Paper

Career Calling Reflection Paper





Please write in the context of an aspiring forensic pathologist.

Feel free to use your results from the below assessments for this paper.

Write a 3 full-page reflection paper (introduction, body, conclusion) discussing the outcomes from the Self-Discovery assessments that you have completed: Learning Styles (You’ve Got Style! – Dominant Learning Style, How We Remember, How We Understand, Multiple Intelligences), Personality Type ( including applications to career and relationships), and LifeValues (

In the paper, explain how your self-discovery has contributed in your development toward your career and specifically the foundation to all four of the IPE Competencies: Values & Ethics, Roles & Responsibilities, Teams & Teamwork, and InterProfessional Communication.

Affirm that your assessments confirm your calling into the healthcare profession which you will be studying. Provide an assessment of your calling answering “Why is my calling important?” Finally, provide a statement encouraging yourself to not give up on pursing your calling, degree, and career should you encounter any hurdles.

The synopsis from the syllabus reiterates:


The “Career & Calling” paper is a reflection paper. The student is asked to reflect on the following questions in three full-page paper + APA cover page:


  • Considering the “way you are wired”, address what you learned about yourself through the four learning style assessments, personality type assessment, and the life values assessment.
  • How does the way you are wired contribute to your career and calling, specifically to how the way you are wired will contribute to developing the four InterProfessional compentencies (Address all four and connect the dots between how you will evidence excellence in Ethics & Values, Roles & Responsibilities, Teams & Teamwork, and InterProfessional Communication).
  • Reflect on why you believe your calling is important. It may be helpful to think of this from various perspectives:Finally, we all hit speed bumps in the road to achieving our goals and calling. If you were to come to a place where you think you should quit, what would you say to yourself. What would your “pep talk” be to yourself? Explain: Why you should not give up? Why does it matter that you persist in your calling?
    • Why is your calling important to you?
    • Why is your calling important to God?
    • Why is your calling important to others/patients?
    • Why is your calling important to society, the nation, and/or the world?