Cancer Free Prevent and Cure Disease Discussion Questions

Cancer Free Prevent and Cure Disease Discussion Questions




Read and respond back to discussion post below. Be constructive and professional with your thoughts, feedback, or suggestions. 125 words for each question

1.)Research allows medicine to advance for the good of society, as well as finding better ways to prevent and cure disease. There are vaccines today that prevent us from getting diseases that many people died from before vaccines were invented. Chemotherapy was introduced to patient’s with cancer in hopes of sending them into remission. Although some cancers respond to chemo, others do not. Continuing research on this topic can maybe one day provide treatment for all cancers.

I have some experience with research but in a different fashion. In my current job we prepare corneal grafts for surgeons, and a new surgery was introduced to the ophthalmology world. Myself and another co-worker were given the task of implementing a new procedure in order to prepare grafts for this specific surgery. We had to research what was involved for the surgeon to do this surgery. We also had to research different supplies to use, one example would be that one supply damaged the Endothelial side of the cornea while another provided a smoother cut and less cell damage. We also did a research project with another company similar to ours. The project included our techniques (in all steps of the process) compared to theirs and we compared corneal quality after each step was completed to determine which technique was better.’

2.)Clinical research is what allows doctors to decide how to best treat patients. It is what makes the development of new medicines, new procedures and new tools possible. Without clinical research, we would not be able to decide if new treatments are better than our current treatments. It is how doctors find the most effective methods of care for our patients.

An example would be a cancer patient. We need to first research how cells are resistant to the chemotherapy drugs and what can be done to treat the cancer patient. When doing research myself I found that there are drugs out there that can alter the DNA of cancer cells in a persons body. These drugs cause the cancer cells to die. Once the cancer cells have died off then we need to research how to long the cells will remain cancer free.

The only experience I have with research is writing research papers for school or when I was in grammar school and was involved in the science fairs. I found doing the actual experiment was much better than doing research and then writing a paper. One project that sticks out n my head is different solutions i used to clean a penny. I had a lot of fun with that project and I won 1st place in the science fair was well.