Motikatika And The Ogre

Motikatika And The Ogre

Now that we’ve read a few examples of Little Red Riding Hood in the European tradition, let’s take a look at a tale from Mozambique.

The story of Motikatika may be one that you are not familiar with, but you’ll likely find elements of various folktales and fables that you know and love.


Researcher Alan Boyle has suggested that the story of Motikatika is part of the Little Red Riding Hood genealogy. What do you think?

???? Read (or listen to) the story of “Motikatika and the Ogre” (Mozambique), available here:

NOTE: The story is divided into 2 parts — make sure to go to the next page for part 2.

Consider the following as you read/listen:


  • Can you guess on what basis Boyle would suggest that Motikatika is a Red Riding Hood story? Is it similar in terms of motifs or morphology (plot)? Do you think it makes sense to consider this story as a variant of Little Red Riding Hood? Why or why not? If we read this in conversation with Little Red Riding Hood, would it change the way we interpret the story?
  • This story features a male protagonist, rather than the little girl at the center of the Red Riding Hood variants. How might this impact the way we view the story and what it communicates?
  • How do you feel about the mother’s complicity in the ogre’s plot? Why do you think she does what she does? How do you feel about what happens to the parents at the end? Does their fate seem justified within the story?
  • What do you think is the moral of the story of Motikatika? How does it compare to the moral of Red Riding Hood?

???? Write a paragraph (100-300 words) responding to one of the questions above, supporting your points with details from the story.

Motikatika And The Ogre