AU Cancer Strange Issue to Many Forum

AU Cancer Strange Issue to Many Forum




Cancer Resource Forum

Students are to research and post on one novel resource related to needs during the cancer journey.

During Weeks 4 and 8, students are to research and review a cancer resource that has not yet been shared in the forum that might be helpful to an oncology social worker or to an oncology patient/family member/caregiver. These resources will be posted to the forum, including a brief discussion on why they felt this particular resource will be helpful, what they gained from this particular resource and why they feel it would be helpful to their colleagues and clients.

Examples of resources are:

  • Financial Resource Review: Find a financial resource (excluding American Cancer Society) that helps pay for any kind of financial need for a patient with a cancer diagnosis. Post your resource, discuss the inclusion criteria, how someone might apply, what restrictions there might be and reflection on how this resource might be helpful.
  • Resource Review: Find a resource that relates to the cancer journey in any way. Maybe the website provides tips for coping, ways to communicate with loved ones, uses technology to organize care, etc. Post the resource, along with a description of the service it provides, how it can help the oncology patient or provider and what makes this resource especially helpful.
  • Children’s Book Review: Locate three children’s books that are related to coping with cancer. Read and provide a review to the class on the approach the book provided, whether the books pertained to a child with cancer or helping a child cope with a family member’s cancer diagnosis and whether you feel it would be helpful.
  • Article Review: Research a scholarly journal article related to cancer. Post the article, along with a discussion of what you got out of reading it, whether it would be helpful to your practice and why.