What is Disciplinary Literacy?

What is Disciplinary Literacy?




Annenberg Reflection: What is Disciplinary Literacy?:

Please provide a brief introduction to this assignment. Then answer the following questions from the Annenberg modules:

Module (page) 5:

  • Reflect: How is the definition of disciplinary literacy illustrated in this classroom lesson? How are the literacy practices students used similar and/or different from those students use in your discipline?

Module (page) 6:

  • Apply: Read the following quote and respond to the questions below.
    • “Literacy is no longer a static construct from the standpoint of its defining technology for the past 500 years; it has now come to mean a rapid and continuous process of change in the ways in which we read, write, view, listen, compose, and communicate information.” Coiro, Knobel, Lankshear, & Leu, 2014, p. 5.
    • Write a brief response (three to five sentences) to the following questions: How does this quote relate to student learning in your discipline? How has technology changed the way you teach and the way your students learn?

Module (page) 7:

  • Reflect: What was the impact of technology on student learning, engagement and motivation, and performance? What role can technology play in your own instruction?

Module (page) 8:

  • Reflect: Now consider the demands of the content, texts, and assignments your students encounter in your subject area. In what ways do you model the thinking of an expert in your discipline to support students in their learning? How do you promote understanding of why your discipline is important and how it contributes to our understanding of the world?