Community Service Literacy Project

Community Service Literacy Project




Written Assignment: Overview of Your Final Project:

For this assignment you will start thinking about and planning your final project. Think about a community service literacy project that you could design. Imagine that you would be applying for a grant for this project. The grant is not necessary; however you do need to address funding in some fashion. You may be working in a district that is receiving Race to the Top finds. That is a great source of funding if you can tie your project to the CCSS.

Your project should:

  • Include aspects of community, family, and/or school involvement.
  • Be mindful of the diverse needs, cultures and gender of your students.

You will write a 4-5 page paper due in module seven describing your project. This can also be in the format of a very detailed outline. (Note the stress on very detailed). You can use drawings, photos, or other artifacts to augment your plan.

Create an Overview

For this overview please address the following questions:

  • Where do you see a need for literacy activities in your school community or neighborhood?
  • These literacy activities should tie into your content area. In science, math and languages other than English you can devise a community service project that incorporates features of math literacy, science literacy or foreign language literacy.
  • What can you come up with that would be feasible, creative, useful, and benefit the children you work with?

A recent call for teacher’s grant opportunities in Connecticut by the Connecticut Reading Association including the following questions. You may consider addressing these in your overview and eventually your project as well.

  • Do you promote literacy?
  • Does your teaching directly influence your student’s learning?
  • Are you using current theory?
  • How do you evaluate your students’ learning?

Note: The above grant opportunity was offering each teacher $500.00. The Barbara Bush Foundation gives grants of $60,000 to promote student literacy. The International Reading Association is rich with information on literacy and literacy grants.

In our case, and for the purposes of this course, we are looking for funding ideas that would promote literacy and include either the family, the community, or the wider world. Please tie your proposal to your specific content area. Gather your thoughts, look at the web resources listed above, and come up with an innovative literacy activity that might be funded by state, local or private agencies. This is the time to think out loud, to wonder, and to ask lots of questions.

I’m looking forward to reading your ideas and helping you focus your project!