Developing Long Term Client Relationships Discussion

Developing Long Term Client Relationships Discussion




Task 1

Unit 1 Assignment

In considering the acquisition of the publicly traded company in the first section of the text (i.e., DIRECTV), answer the following questions with respect to this deal.

1. Who is the Target?

Who is the Bidder?

2. Does this deal present any antitrust concerns? Will this deal require any other regulatory approvals?

3. How will investors in Bidder Co. learn of the proposed acquisition of Target Co.? How will investors in Target Co. learn of the proposed sale of their company?

4. What is the nature of management’s concern as to the market’s reaction to the public announcement of this proposed transaction? How will management gauge the market’s reaction? Why is management worried about the market’s reaction to the deal?

5. What is the acquisition consideration? In other words, what is Bidder offering to pay to acquire Target?

6. Why does Bidder want to buy Target? What business objective is to be served by making this acquisition? Is Bidder a strategic or financial buyer?

7. What is the business incentive for Target to engage in this deal? Why is Target willing to let itself be acquired?

Submission Instructions : Submit your written responses to the assignment by attaching the report file

Need elobrated answer to each question

Task 2

(W9) Discussion

Chapter 10: Developing long-term client relationships

1. The White Paper (Winning with Client Relationships: How Consulting Firms Can Harness CRM for Growth During the New Normal) in Week 9 states: “There may be no better time for consulting firms to rethink their client-engagement models. The business environment is changing rapidly; Covid-19 has accelerated digitization. Implementing customer relationship management (CRM) platforms has never been so important for consulting firms that must find new digital ways to engage and work with clients, partners, and employees while increasingly conducting business remotely. In fact, some consulting firms failed to use their CRM systems to their full potential during the pandemic”

How could you (as a consultant) cultivate customer relationships during the pandemic?

2. Our text this week discusses, seeking out wanted relationships. For the consulting firm that your group pitched during our residency session, how could you seek out wanted relationships? Be sure to explain why this would be the avenue or method you would use and the benefits of using it.

*Be sure to follow all course guidelines for initial discussion posts and peer replies.*

primary-450 words

2 secondary each 150 words