School Improvement Team to Conduct Action Research Paper

School Improvement Team to Conduct Action Research Paper




You will establish a school improvement team to conduct action research. Identify a problem that both interests the group and affects student achievement. Progressive districts monitor and collect evidence about the effectiveness of specific programs or efforts. Identify and describe a current program or improvement effort in a school that currently is not being monitored, and develop a comprehensive plan to collect evidence (data) to evaluate its effectiveness.

Below are key questions for a school improvement team to answer when conducting action research:

  1. What does the data show?
  2. What trends and patterns exist?
  3. What anomalies are present that appear not to align with the overall results?
  4. Is the data from different sources consistent?
  5. Are these the results we expected?
  6. What new course should be charted or taken as a result of new knowledge derived from the data?
  7. What additional questions need to be answered as a result of the initial data analysis?

Identify any other questions you feel would be relevant for the school improvement team to consider. Then, meet with team members for the purpose of collaboratively brainstorming and answering these questions. Document all processes undertaken leading up to the findings. Report in writing what you and team members gained professionally from conducting action research.

Apply organizational principles that impact the development of an educational institution.

Determine the impact of alignment within an educational organization of the mission, vision, goals, purpose, and values. Analyze the impact of external influences that impact organizational development.

Determine the leadership skills required in the development of an educational organization including planning, collaborating, training, and communicating.