Full Question provided in description!

Full Question provided in description!




The attached file contains the midterm exam. The exam consists of one essay question, which needs to be answered in a well-developed short essay.

Work only with texts we have discussed during the first four weeks of the term–a list of texts is included in the attached file.

Use the following tips and strategies to help you compose an effective essay exam:

  • Read the question carefully.
  • Select the texts that you will use to develop your response and develop a tentative thesis.
  • Make a quick plan of the main points that allow you to support and develop the thesis.
  • Develop an introduction that sets up the main point (thesis) of the response/argument. Many writers find it helpful to write the introduction last and to make any final adjustments to the thesis once the argument has been fully developed.
  • Develop the supporting paragraphs in which you explain and provide evidence for each of the points that defends the claim/thesis. Remember, each supporting paragraph can only address and develop one main point.
  • Develop the conclusion–what should readers take away from the argument that you just made? What does it add to the conversation about evil?
  • Review the essay to make sure that it communicates your responses as clearly as possible and clean up any typographical errors or other mechanical problems that can interfere with a reader’s ability to follow your argument.

Your ability to engage with the course content analytically and your ability to synthesize different interpretations and/or perspectives are most important. In other words, while there is not one correct way of answering the question, it is the thoughtfulness with which you engage in the analysis of the texts and engage with the ideas and responses that comprised our discussions that has direct bearing on the effectiveness of the argument. Be sure to craft your response with the greatest clarity and coherence possible.

Technical Requirements:

  • Double space the document throughout
  • Select an easy to read size 12 font
  • Adhere to standard one-inch margins