Troy University Summary: Practical Tips for IEP Writing Journal article

Troy University Summary: Practical Tips for IEP Writing Journal article




Your Journal Article Reviewmust involve critiquing and reviewing a selected article on a specific topic (see the choices listed below)The review must be 1double-spaced pages and follow current APA format.This includes the use of APA headings (Summary, Analysis, Personal Response). A submission of less than 1 page will not receive credit. You must choosean article from oneof the professional journals of special education listed below.

The Journal article critique consists of three parts (separated by APA formatted headings):

• Part 1—Summary Paragraph;

• Part 2—Analysis of Author’s Key Points;

• Part 3—Personal Response.

Please note the article should be recent (within the last 5 years), and the article topic must be relevant to the current topics in the chapter readings.

Therefore, the topic choices for the journal article review are as follows:

• Individualized Education Program

• Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

• Communication Disorders

When composing your reviewpractice using graduate professional writingDo not begin with “This article is about…” Instead, open the review with a strong thesis statement and summarize the author’s main points in the first paragraph. Using third person, state your personal reaction to the article in the final paragraph (“This author agrees/disagrees…” or “one can see that…”).