Resources: Technology-Driven Teaching and Learning

Resources: Technology-Driven Teaching and Learning




Part 1: Lesson Plans

Create four exemplar lesson plans that explicitly demonstrate how implementing the technologies you have chosen will look in practice. Your lesson plans should apply across content areas and across grade levels.

  • This will likely require you to engage in professional collaboration with individuals with different areas of expertise. Consider using online professional organizations and social media to further these collaborations.
  • Use the questions above to help guide your content.

The lesson plans do not need to be articulated using Understanding by Design or other formal lesson presentation formats. Rather, you are designing vignettes that provide sufficient information for other teachers and stakeholders to see how your technology could be implemented in a variety of classrooms.

Part 2: Analysis and Evaluation

In a 4–6-page narrative, address the following:

  • Evaluate the impact of your professional collaborations on the design of the lessons.
  • Evaluate how the technology integrated into each lesson plan aligns to both content and technology standards.
  • Explain how each lesson plan will promote the safe, legal, and ethical use of digital information and technology.
  • Analyze how the technology integrated into each lesson plan will support diversity and equity.
    • Think about the variety of student needs that exist within your educational setting. Specifically consider cultural background, developmental and readiness levels, language differences, speed of learning, experiential knowledge, and so on.
    • In your lessons, demonstrate how the technology can be used to meet those needs.
  • Analyze some of the struggles and questions teachers may have in implementing the technology. These concerns may have emerged from your professional collaborations.
    • Address those common concerns within your lessons, demonstrating how the technology can be successfully implemented to meet the needs of diverse learners.
  • Explain how you would use each lesson plan to promote educational innovation to decision makers and other stakeholders, such as parents and community members.