Capella University Innovation in Education Technology Literature Review

Capella University Innovation in Education Technology Literature Review






Literature review (7-10 pages) analyzing theories that support leading innovation in educational technology.

In this assessment, you will engage in a comprehensive search of the professional literature about leading educational change, with a specific focus on educational technology innovation.

An examination of professional literature provides critical feedback for any educational innovation. Your review of the literature for the summative assessment will have two focuses. First, you will want to conduct a review of the current literature to be sure you have a thorough understanding of the options that exist for technology implementation. Second, you will need to search the literature to learn more about leading change in an open system such as a school or district.

As you read through the literature, you will find conflicting views or results among researchers. It is important that you point out these differences and evaluate why there are discrepancies between findings and how and why your perspectives align or do not align.



  • Use library or other resources to locate at least six sources that support educational innovation and focus on how to implement educational change.
    • A scholarly source is a source that has been published in a peer-reviewed journal, either in print or online. It should have been published within five years of the date of this course, preferably more recently than that. Educational theory changes rapidly; educational practice does not. Educational innovations, once adopted, will be in use for a long time, so they should be based on information that is as up-to-date as possible.
  • It is recommended that you complete The Literature Review activity, which will prepare you for forming perspectives of process and product for the assessment.


Submit a 7–10-page literature review in which you:

  • Critically review the scholarly literature.
  • Analyze theories on leading educational innovation, particularly in educational technology.
  • Synthesize the literature to determine major themes and practices.
  • Use appropriate graduate-level writing skills and APA formatting.

Note that this is an evaluative review; you are evaluating the perspectives of the authors as either supportive of or contradictory to your own views. No part of this review should be generic. Be comprehensive, explicit, and thoughtful.

Change in schools begins with leaders, teachers, principals, and instructional coaches, as well as other stakeholders in the wider educational community.

Through these resources, you will learn about the characteristics of effective leaders, what change looks like in schools, and how educational leaders can promote innovation and change.