Sustainable Development in Urban Communities Paper

Sustainable Development in Urban Communities Paper





The argument is for education to play more strategic role in sustainable urban renewal and development in Philadelphia.

Since the organization and purpose of the GAP paper is part academic paper and part ‘action plan’ framed by theories and discourses on globalization and educational change, the message to the City of Philadelphia is that even though, comparatively speaking, the quality of its educational system outdoes systems in most developing countries, that doesn’t mean that communities in Philadelphia are immune to problems that affect everyone in our interconnected world.

The focus on needs of blighted urban communities is a reminder that access to quality education for the pursuit of individual prosperity and sustainable community development isn’t just something for children of high SES communities, but must be something that children from all socioeconomic backgrounds have equal and fair opportunities to access.Requirements for this annotated bibliography:

Annotated bibliography for your Global Education Action Project (GAP). The is a paper of 3-5 pages, double-spaced, APA style, and must include the following:

  1. A brief introduction to describe your GAP issue/topic, the rationale for choosing it, and the targeted audience whose understanding of global citizenship and sustainability your GAP seeks to develop.
  2. An annotated bibliography of at least 7 sources (outside the assigned readings of our course) to the GAP issue/topic
  3. Each annotation should comprise a single paragraph of 100-150 words consisting of:

a) a citation in APA style,

b) a summary of the item’s key argument, evidence, and conclusions,

c) an evaluation of the quality of the item, and

d) a reflection on the value of the item to your GAP paper.