I want you to change the words of the essay

I want you to change the words of the essay




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Steve Jobs

Success would include the ability to try to achieve more than expected of one and always learning from any failures or setbacks until the objective was achieved. Realizing that failure a part of learning, it is important for a person to continue to try and put forth the efforts needed to achieve their goals. Steve Jobs was Apple computer’s famous Co-founder and CEO. And was known for imagination he brought to the creation of new products. Steve Jobs is American business executive computer programmer, and entrepreneur computer designer and corporate executive, Steve Jobs is cofounder of Apple computers. He helped start the Apple Company and was one of the forces behind making it into a big Company. He left Apple and started another Company. A few years later, when Apple was having problems he returned to the Company. Through his leadership and ideas, he was able to save the Company and rebuilt it into an even bigger Company. He created the Macintosh (Mac) computer which is still one of the best. He developed the iPod music player. He led the Company to create the iPhone. This product led to the beginning of the smart phones we all use now. A growth mindset would include the ability to look at learning in all areas and ways as the basis for achieving one’s goals.

Clearly, Steve Jobs was famous person, inventor, however, his persistence, his ability to learning from failure, believe passion, and team work others greatly contributed to his success. Steve Jobs is a successful person because; he took step by step to learning from failure. Learning from failure is good for success. In her book “The New psychology of success,” Carol S. Dweck one of the world’s leading researchers in the fields of personality, Social psychology, and developmental psychology, asserts, First, “Growth mindset making sure they take the challenge, learn from failure, or continue their effort”(46).

Those with growth mindset will be people that are willing to take challenges. Theywill take a chance and try something new. The growth person will look at the failure as a chance to learn and improve based on the new knowledge obtained from the failure. And he will continue to make an effort, keep trying, and look for solution. Ilian, George. Top 10 Visionaries that Changed the World. Self-published, 2016, Author, contends, second, “Getting something wrong doesn’t mean you have failed”(35). The growth mindset person will not see getting the answer wrong as a failure. The growth mindset person is more likely to look for lessons from the failure, examine why it failed, and what is needed to achieve success. The way of the failure may provide the solution. Greitens, Sheena chestnut. Newsweek, 10 Oct.2011, article, thinks, “I never met Steve Jobs. He didn’t know who I was. But him for pointing out that we shouldn’t necessarily aspire to constant success. Failure can be an opportunity in disguise, freeing us to pursue what really matters. It teaches us how to follow what we love, and how to do it better” (P 27). This is a quote from admirer of Jobs. She was expressing her appreciation for his advice on failure and how it can actually lead one to success in their field or even to something else that may be even more important.

Steve Jobs is a successful person because he believe passion. In Dweck perspective, first, “Growth, all brimming with passion. And all believing that leadership is about growth and passion not about brilliance” (132). You must have a strong belief in what you are trying to accomplish. The leader must look to ward growing the project, Company, or whatever, and trying to lead it toward their goal. He has to be able to encourage others. His individual skills and knowledge are not what makes him a good leader. Also, in Ilian asserts, “Steve Jobs believes passionately in what you do”(35). He was able to make others see what he was passionate about and make them believe he was fully supporting them in their efforts. Others knew he was fully committed to their projects and efforts. Dhiman, Satinder. The Journal of values-Based Leadership, Nov.2, 2016, asserts, finally, “I reached the pinnacle of success in the business world. In other’s eye my life is an epitome of success. However, aside from work, I have little joy. In the end, wealth is only a fact of life that I am a accustomed to “(150). According to snopes, this is false. A portion of it could reflect his thinking in that he did achieve major success and wealth.However, he did enjoy his work and the opportunity for creativity. He enjoyed his family.

Steve Jobs is a successful person because he surrounded himself with a team work. As claimed by Dweck, first, “supervisors in growth mindset Companies rated their employees as more collaborative and more committed to learning and growing” (144). Workers in this environment would be more likely to be supportive of the Company’s goal and objectives. They would be more likely to put forth more effort and energy and work together. They would see the job and Company as more supportive of them as employees and, in turn, they would be more likely to be more devoted to the company. They would do more to improve themselves so they could be better prepared and more helpful to the Company. Points out, second, “you’re missing it. This is not a one-man show. What’s reinvigorating this Company is two things: one, there’s a lot of really talented people in this company “(20). This quote is saying that he or nay one person is not the only reason a company can do well. It is not one person, it is the team that leads to success. The people at the company were talented. It is not just the leader that brings a team or company to success but the people are what makes the company and are responsible for its success. Joan, Turck, March 10, 2011, Comments, third, asserts, “We help each other out. I mean, Steve good to help me at the house, and I’m out there doing things with him. It’s been a team effort from Day 1 with us” (6c). This would indicate that he had a healthy and happy marriage with each contributing. He would help at home and she would help with other activities. It is indicating that functioning as a team was important at home as well as at work.