Empire and the People

Empire and the People

Discussion: Empire and the People

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Discussion Guidelines

For the Discussions write 8 questions using the following guidelines:

1. What was the main theme or purpose of the readings? What problems or concerns were identified? How does this information change the way you perceive history or the interactions between peoples and groups in history? 2 questions

2. How do the Additional Sources support the chapter? 2 questions

3. What were the interactions between “the powerful” and “the people?” What choices did “the people” have in response to “the powerful?” How did “the people” respond to these problems? 2 questions

4. How are the problems identified in the reading similar to problems encountered by “the people” today? What actions can you take to address or solve these problems today? 2 questions

After you post your Discussion questions respond to 4 of your classmates’ questions: one from question 1, one from question 2, one from question 3 and one from question 4. Reply to a different classmate for each question.

Online Discussions have several purposes

1. to help you understand the readings

2. to help you critique the readings

3. to help you build knowledge

Your posts should promote interaction and collaboration while offering different perspectives. Read your classmates posts carefully to help you gain a deeper understanding of the readings. Don’t be afraid to disagree with a classmate’s post as long as you are respectful and support your conclusion with evidence from the readings.

Do not write simple statements like “I agree” or “I like your post” – this isn’t Facebook! Be academic with all your responses! Use evidence from the readings and additional sources. Avoid statements like “It was bad back then but it is better now.”

Some of you might start your responses to classmates with statements such as:

Research shows . . .

The author states . . .

I conclude . . .

To post a new question use the guidelines in Help With Discussions. You can also quote a section of the reading that you would like to discuss. DO NOT USE OUTSIDE SOURCES! The internet is full of nonsense and is not acceptable for college level research.

Make sure your responses are complete paragraphs, spell checked and grammar checked. Use upper case when appropriate. Write your comments in a word processing program and copy and paste them into the Discussion. Document your sources! You have to refer to a passage or section of the reading to let your classmates know where you got your information. Responses shorter than a full paragraph, 5-7 sentences, will not get credit.

Even though this is a discussion you need to be academic with your statements. I reserve the right to remove offensive or inappropriate responses. I will also remove responses that are not complete thoughts which have been spell checked and grammar checked. If you can’t prove it – Don’t write it!!