EDUC642 Week 7 Observation Cycle Discussion

EDUC642 Week 7 Observation Cycle Discussion




Observation Cycle Instructions

For this assignment, you will do a mock pre-conference and post-conference and watch 1 of the 3 teacher-observation videos located in the Reading & Study folder of Module/Week 8 (“Adam Maitland’s Classroom Observation – Elementary,” “Science Lesson Study – Investigation-Colloquium Method – Middle School,” and “John Huber – Classroom Observation – High School”).

The focus of the observation must be established in the pre-observation conference. For this portion, you will write about how you would handle a pre-conference, including what questions you would ask, and what information you would expect to learn from the teacher during the pre-conference.

During the observation, you will complete an observation form in order to evaluate the instruction. This completed form must be turned in with your assignment.

For the post-observation conference, you will script out the conversation you might have with the teacher.

The cycle must follow a sequence such as the one depicted in the table below:

Cycle Step Outcomes Follow-up
Pre-Observation Conference Articulation of the purpose and function of the observation cycle.

Identification of the focus of the first observation.

First observation.
Observation Data collection. Analysis and interpretation of the data.
Post-Observation Conference Articulation of the outcomes of the final observation and a review of the previous outcomes.

Discussion of the implications of the data.

Articulation of instructional recommendations by both the teacher and the observer.

Identification of the focus of the second observation.

Generation of a written script describing each step of the cycle, a prescription for instructional improvement, and the teacher’s perspective of the cycle.

This assignment must be written in current APA format. Use a fictitious name for the teacher for privacy purposes.

PS. I am incorporating below the same information about the Observation Cycle project that I included in Week 7 Mid-Week Information.

  1. You will, first, write out a scenario of what you will do and say during the Pre-Observation Conference with the teacher you will observe. A script of the dialogue is a great way to do this, showing your questions and the teacher’s possible responses and adding any questions you think the teacher might ask. The focus of this conference is to prepare both you and the teacher for the observation. [If you are using one of the videos for your observation you are going to have to assume how the teacher will respond.]
  2. Then you will conduct an observation and use one of the observation protocols you found in your research for Week 7. If possible, observe a live teacher to complete this assignment, but if that is not possible, you may choose one of the three videos from the Course Syllabus under Week 8. You will then interpret and analyze the data you collected as you watched the video.
  3. Then you will conduct a Post-Observation Conference and write out a script of what you will cover with the teacher, what questions you will ask, what theirresponses might be, and what recommendations you will make to the teacher for their professional development.
  4. Therefore, there will be “3” sections to the assignment you will submit via both Blackboard and LiveText. However, please combine the three sections and submit them in one document. The observation form must be in Word format so you can combine it with your other two sections.
  5. The three sections to include are:
  6. A script or explanation of the Pre-Observation Conference
  7. A copy of the completed Observation Protocol that you completed during the observation.
  8. A script of the Post-Observation Conference (You will need to include the data analysis and the proposed professional development in this part since you will be going over this with the teacher as their follow up.)

As your Instructions indicate, please use a fictitious name for the teacher you will observe.