Troy University Practicum with Students Who Have Special Needs Paper

Troy University Practicum with Students Who Have Special Needs Paper


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For your field experience placement, you will either complete your practicum in a classroom with students who have special needs or community placement. These hours mustbe documentedto reflect the appropriate setting: learning disabilities, intellectual disabilitiesemotional/behavior disabilities, autism, etc.

Regardless of your field experience setting, after your hours are completed, you will summarize your experience using at least 500 words. Indicate the type of setting(s) you worked in and the duties you performed. In a detailed summary, describe the types of instructional activities you carried out, collaborative opportunities experienced within your placement,materials and resources accessed and how this field experience benefited your knowledge and understanding of children with exceptionalities.

Your field experience reflectionmustclearly tie your observations and the knowledge gained throughout this course together. You must use your textbook and at least 1 journal articleoutside of your textbook to support your learning experience.

This assignment must follow current APA guidelines and must include a title page and reference page. However, it is appropriate to use firstperson language throughout this assignment.