Program Evaluation

Program Evaluation

In this case study, the counselor, Steven, has collected data from his clients after participation in a psychoeducation therapy group. Steven wants to know whether his program effectively met the needs of the clients. He is interested in learning whether the clients met their program outcomes and whether the program evaluation data supports his desire to expand the program.

For this Assignment, you will review the data and determine whether the service contributed to client success.

To Prepare

  • Review the Program Evaluation audio recording and the Program Evaluation Worksheet found in the Learning Resources and consider the requirements for this Assignment.
  • Review the Program Evaluation Worksheet and consider the requirements for this Assignment. Specifically:
    • Review the case study.
    • Analyze the Program Evaluation dataset to determine whether the counseling intervention worked or did not work.
    • Consider a recommendation you might make regarding the future of the program and why.



Imagine you are a task force or part of a task force charged with evaluating the effectiveness of a new counseling program. Your job is to complete a Program Evaluation Worksheet that will help you determine the effectiveness of the program.

  • As an individual part of a task force or in your small group task force, complete the Program Evaluation Worksheet.
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Program Evaluation