Align Public Policy Options to Meet the Needs of Various Stakeholders

Align Public Policy Options to Meet the Needs of Various Stakeholders

PowerPoint Presentation Guidelines:

Title Slide

  • Presentation Title
  • You name
  • Purdue University Global

Presentation Format

  • 6×6 rule: 6 bullets per slide, 6 words per bullet
  • Same font for all slides (slide titles are usually a bigger font but should be same font size for every slide)
  • No citations on slides, they go in the speaker notes (additional information to follow)
  • No more than one picture/graphic per slide

Speaker Notes

  • Required for all slides except title slide and references
  • Explain the bullets on the slides
  • Include the citations here

Voice Over

  • Open PowerPoint presentation
  • Click on Insert
  • Go to Media area of toolbar (or look to right end of tool bar)
  • Click on Audio
  • Go to Slide Show on top of toolbar for more options



  • No bullets
  • No double spacing
  • Must follow all other rules of APA including hanging indent
  • For this Assignment, you will create a slide and audio presentation in which you will present information to support the passage of HR 5223. You may use PowerPoint, Google Slides, or another presentation software of your choosing. Your audio presentation should put forth a convincing argument based on your research and should be designed as if you were addressing a group of legislators whose support you are trying to obtain.Your slide and audio presentation must address:
    • A description of current risks that healthcare providers face from violence in the workplace.
    • Information from professional nursing associations which support your argument for minimizing the risk of violence in the healthcare setting.
    • Identification of a theoretical or regulatory model which would be applicable to the passage of HR 5223.
    • Identification of stakeholders who will benefit from the passage of HR 5223 and how they would benefit.
    • Potential barriers to passage of HR 5223 and how they can be overcome.
    • Include a minimum of 8 slides (not counting the title or reference slide).
    • Your slides should contain speaker notes, to assist in your audio delivery.
    • Your slides should be professional in appearance and tone, and reflect a thoughtful and meaningful application of your research to your argument. Speak clearly and convincingly. Your presentation should not be longer than 10 minutes.
    • You must include a minimum of (5) different scholarly references.


Align Public Policy Options to Meet the Needs of Various Stakeholders