SOC101 San Diego City Financial & Educational Management of School System Paper

SOC101 San Diego City Financial & Educational Management of School System Paper


As part of the requirement for this course, you are expected to complete a unique research project. Research is an important element of sociology, and knowing how to conduct research is equally as important. In order to make this course more applicable to you, your life, and interests, you have options to choose from regarding your research interests and topics. As part of expectations, you have developed research interests and questions. I will be responding to each of you and giving you insight toward your questions. For this paper, you will need to have at least 5 sources that are academic. This means some sort of article that is written by sociologists and researchers on your topic. They do not need to be exact – in fact, good research does not necessarily have much written on it. You can also use other sources as long as they are valid and legitimate – they cannot be blogs, opinion pieces, etc. As I must emphasize – do not plagiarize. I will catch it, I have before, and I want your best efforts to go noticed and not suffer consequences. Your paper will need to be between 4-5 pages, not including cover page and references. Please use APA style formatting, as this is a social and behavioral science course. Areas that you will need to include (these guiding questions are just that – questions to guide you in a direction. Please feel free to include more): Introduction Consider the following guiding questions: What is your paper about? What are some basic ideas about this topic? Why did you choose it? Develop a research question (Refer back to week2. Be sure that you have your research question listed under the introduction. Methods Consider the following guiding questions: How did you collect your data? Did you do interviews? Did you send out surveys? How many of each if any? What did you observe? Did you analyze a part of history? Comparing it to another? What were some of your interview questions? How long did the interviews last? How did you recruit your participants or do your observations? Theories Consider the following guiding questions: What are the three theories and how do they relate to your paper? What would a structural functionalist say about your topic? What would a conflict theorist say? What would a symbolic interactionist say? Research and findings Consider the following guiding questions: What are the themes that came up in your research? What did your participants say about your topic? What did your observations show you? Etc. Look for themes, and then write about them. Conclusion Consider the following guiding questions: Was the research interesting? Why or why not? Did it surprise you? What does this mean for your topic? What things do you think should happen? How will it help you in your career (if at all)?

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my topic is about Education

and my research questions are

  • What is the purpose of education?
  • How education should be changed?
  • Do educational reforms affect the performance of the teaching staff?
  • Can educational reforms affect the quality of education?

Im going to answer my questions by reading and more research by looking up more information on each question. And the research

methods that im going to use would be mixed research of literature and online research.