Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart




you will need to develop a hierarchical organizational chart in Microsoft Word. Your chart should fit on a single page.

Complete the following.

  1. Study the following description of the HIM Department.
  2. Based on the description, construct a hierarchical organizational chart indicating the appropriate lines of authority and responsibility.
  3. Include employee name, credentials, and title if known.
  4. Indicate the number of employees reporting to each individual.

HIM Department Description

Peggy Carson, RHIT, is the Director of the HIM Department at General Hospital. The health care facility has over 500 inpatient beds, an active outpatient department, and 150 skilled nursing beds. She has hired four credentialed professionals to assist her in managing the department.

The transcription unit is busy and under the supervision of Sue Harstad, RHIT. Sue is responsible for three full-time and four part-time transcriptionists.

Discharge analysis is performed by four employees who are supervised by Brooke Anderson, RHIT. These employees also perform retrospective clinical pertinence review. Brooke also supervises the two employees who oversee the physician’s completion responsibilities.

The Coding Section is comprised of six coding specialists who code all inpatient and outpatient records. Claire Herriot, CCS, supervises the coders.

The file Unit includes six employees who utilize a bar coding system for filing and retrieval. They are supervised by Mark Allen, RHIT. Mark also oversees the Release of Information Unit where two employees carefully screen and respond to request for health information.