Principles of Management

Principles of Management





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Survey design is both an art and a science. Unbiased wording of survey items (sometimes questions) is key as is using different types of scaling. The Likert scale is easy to use. Statements rather than questions are used when developing a survey using the Likert scale. For example, this may be a survey item:Principles of Management

Leadership has communicated a motivating vision.

Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree

Dichotomous responses might require Yes or No, True or False. Yes/No items require questions while True/False items require statements.

Another consideration is avoiding double-barreled items/questions. A double-barreled question is a question composed of more than two separate issues or topics, but which can only have one answer. A double-barreled question is also known as a compound question or double-direct question.

Assume that you are tasked with designing and developing an employee engagement survey for your organization.

      • Give a brief description of the issues or variables you wish to examine and measure.
      • Explain the organizational value of each issue or variable you wish to measure.
      • Design and develop three survey items/questions that you would include in your employee engagement survey.

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In my organization our Mission states we deliver services with dignity and respect to each other as well as patients. I work for a hospital and at my organization we are known for having bad attitudes. When I started there I use to ask myself, Why everybody have bad aattitudes and so angry. My employee engagement survey will help me to identify the causes and get to the root of why employees are so angry and have bad attitudes. My organization want to improve the behavior and attitudes of our employees. An individual’s personality influences his or her work-related attitudes and behavior. (Daft 2011).

Survey Question:

1. I am happy and satisfied working in this organization.

Strongly disagree disagree Neither Agree Strongly Agree

2. I like working with a group of people.

Strongly disagree Disagree Neither Agree Strongly Agree

3. I like people.

Strongly disagree Disagree Neither Agree Strongly Agree


The organization I work for is a children’s clinic and one issue that we have with employees is the way responsibilities are shared. Sharing responsibilities between employees is very important for our organization because there are many jobs that have to be done with limited resources. Another issue the organization has is communication. Every employee has to work together to make sure patients are getting the best care possible but if there is poor communication then the patients care suffers. Wiley states (2014), “What causes employee engagement index scores to improve or decline? The answer is relevant because employee engagement has been linked to organizational performance” (p. 39). Employees should be happy in their job positions because if they are not then productivity goes down and the organization suffers. By conducting surveys, employees get a chance to voice their opinions and be heard from management that they would not otherwise have the opportunity to do.

Survey Questions:

1. Do you feel managers effectively communicate with employees?

Yes or No

2. Are you confident in knowing exactly what your job responsibilities are?

Yes or No

3. Are you satisfied in your current job position?

Yes or No