Health Informatics Case Study Discussion

Health Informatics Case Study Discussion




The Case Study at the end of Chapter 5 of your textbook. Develop an APA formatted 3 to 4 page paper that answers the following questions: (Please keep in mind that in addition to answering the questions, you must provide significant analysis and critical thinking. This means you must research (in-text citations throughout your paper) your answer and provide justification and validity to your arguments. Merely answering the questions based on the information provided by the case study is not sufficient).


1. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of the situation in the case study.

2. You are the chief medical informatics officer for the organization. You are asked to comment about how the technical plans will affect clinicians. Based on the case study, how do you respond?

3. The organization receives a $3 million gift from an informatics benefactor. You are an informatician in the organization. What would your technical priorities be to remedy the issues in the case study?


Using Big Data: A Real-Life Example Dr. John D. Halamka is the chief information officer of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston. In 2011 his wife, a healthy 49-year-old Korean woman, was diagnosed with breast cancer. Using big-data technology available at all Harvard hospitals, Dr. Halamka was able to ask the big-data questions: Of the last 10,000 Asian women near age 50 who were treated for the same tumor, what medications were used? Was surgery or radiation necessary, and what were the outcomes? From his queries, he was able to ascertain the most effective treatment approach for a person with this history. His wife was treated successfully and is now cancer free.20 The challenge for informatics is: How do we develop information systems that can provide this level of care to patients in all settings? Health Informatics Case Study Discussion

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